About Movies For Nothing:

This website was created to help independent filmmakers get their films seen by the world as well as hopefully make them some money to recover the cost of their film. Let's face it, if you don't have the connections, your film will probably sit on the shelf collecting dust when all we want is the world to see our creation. Or you could pay a lot of money to stick it on some website and share revenues with the hosting website. That is why I have developed this website.

I'm the creator of this website, as well as the first movie ever released Free To The World on it... The Baby Food Dude.

After making The Baby Food Dude, my film was shown in a few small festivals. I would stay and watch all the films, but I noticed most people would show up for their own and leave when others would play, so I started Texandance International Film Festival and designed it in a way that I would keep people's rears in the seats for all the movies. I've heard from some that even after all their distribution deals they still have barely paid for their production.

While I am not a full-time filmmaker, I am a full-time husband and parent with a job so I don't have time to beat this streets of Hollywood trying to play the "film game" nor do I want to have to put up with all the sexual advances from some fat loser just to get a crappy distribution deal.

So I had a choice, shelve my work, that I worked so hard on... or put it out for the world to judge for themselves. That is when Movies For Nothing was born. If you are a filmmaker with a film that is not a home movie of you popping your zits, and it really is worthwhile, reach out to us and we will contact you back. We are looking for more than crazy movies like The Baby Food Dude. Shorts, Docs, Dramas... we want to see them.

Our hope is to have hundreds of titles that film lovers can choose from.

Brice Tea